VC: The Series

On the verge of losing his Visa after getting fired from a prestigious Venture Capital firm, Avi Chada has no other choice but to join with a clueless, spoiled trust fund baby and a team of wannabes to form his own fledgling firm. It’s either that or return home to India to face his family as the complete failure they predicted.

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The Illinois Zombie Project

Life imitates art when wannabe filmmaker, 40-year-old Jeff Newman, sneaks off to his old, teenage party cabin to stage his breakout zombie film only to be set upon by contentious locals, an aggrieved spouse and, apparently, real walking dead!

Comedy Horror Feature

Film Festivals & Recognition

Official Selection
2018 HollyWeb Festival

Official Selection
2016 LAWebFest

Nominations for Outstanding Acting (2 noms), Writing & Series Premise


VC “Pilot” a Second Rounder in Austin Screenplay Competition (2016 & 2018)
2016 Semifinalist & Second Rounders
2018 Semifinalist & Second Rounders


Official Selection
2016 D.C. WebFest

Screenwriting Category

Official Selection
2018 Chicago Comedy Film Festival


VC “Pilot” a Semi-Finalist in The Great American Script Contest (2019)